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If you are called to the ministry or to business, then this is your home. You will be able to meet and interact with others who share your passion.

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Who We Are

Global Business Ministries International was formed by Apostles Les and Daphne Crause while they were still resident in Mexico. From there GBM reached out to the world and began to influence the Body of Christ Internationally. Now, based in South Africa, GBM still continues to bring change to the world, including the nations of Africa.

The author of many ground breaking teachings, including the role of business in ministry, Les has broken ground that few leaders in the forefront of the Church have dared to touch. His teachings are revolutionary to say the least.

If you wish to be on the cutting edge of what God is doing today in the Church Universal, then you need to consider partnering up with GBMI and becoming part of this International Network of leaders.

Holding A Conversation With God

Hundreds of books have been written on the subject of prayer, but there are still very few believers who have a prayer life that is exciting and brings results. That is because not many people have learned to have a good conversation with God

When you hear someone say, "The Lord told me", do you think they are being super spiritual and trying to impress you? Who can pray in such an intimate way with God Himself? Surely you have to be extremely spiritual and righteous before you could think of getting close enough to God to hold a conversation?

What We Do

GBM International offers a covering of protection through fellowship, accountability, and training to everyone called to the Fivefold Ministry or Fivefold Business.

Training is offered for all levels of the Fivefold Calling and also for all levels of Fivefold Business Calling. Most of those called to be Apostles will find themselves involved in both these aspects of calling. 

Our teaching and training materials are second to none internationally and other training mechanisms just cannot compare. 

After spending many years training Apostles, Prophets and the rest of the Fivefold Ministry, Les and Daphne are qualified to take you to any level you desire to reach in the Call of God. 

Check Out Our Vision

Click the link at the left of this page to read the full vision of GBMI. There you will find a detailed explanation of the mandate God gave to Apostle Les D. Crause, and which is now being fulfilled through Global Business Ministries International.

You may also wish to know exactly what we believe and stand for, so we have also included a link to our detailed statement of faith. You can see the link for that also in the left column of this page.

If you have read our vision and our statement of beliefs and would like to become part of GBM as a partner, then why not consider joining us and working with us to fulfill this vision. You can find the Partner application by clicking on the button link above that says Join Us.

Click Here to Read the GBM Vision

What We Believe

If you would like a detailed breakdown of what we believe and teach at GBMI, you may visit the following page, which will give you all the details.

Things we believe

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