Who We Are

Global Business Ministries International was formed by Apostles Les and Daphne Crause while they were still resident in Mexico. From there GBM reached out to the world and began to influence the Body of Christ Internationally. Now, based in South Africa, GBM still continues to bring change to the world, including the nations of Africa.

If you wish to be on the cutting edge of what God is doing today in the Church Universal, then you need to consider partnering up with GBMI and becoming part of this International Network of leaders.

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Partner With Us in The Work

We offer our ministry freely, but it costs us to keep this going. We need YOU to help us extend the Kingdom of God into the earth by partnering with us in the work.

All we ask of you is that you commit to making a small monthly payment to support this ministry, and we will then have the resources to offer you EVERYTHING that is available on this website. The value of this cannot be estimated, because it is not just a matter of the cost of our books and resources.

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Enroll As A GBM Contributing Partner

You may join us as a partner and select from a range of amounts you would like to contribute, according to your financial ability. Once we receive your first payment, you will immediately be given access to all the benefits of the partnership level you chose.

You will be asked to subscribe to a monthly recurring automatic deduction from your bank or credit card for the amount you selected. This will continue until you choose to cancel your partnership, which you are free to do at any time.

Simply let us know before the next deduction is due and we will cancel your subscription immediately.

Please Note

The subscription payment will be deducted from your account on the same day each month, which will be the day of the month that you subscribed. If you wish to change this date, you will need to contact us and we may need to cancel your existing subscription and create a new one.

Part Months

If you wish to get started right away during the month at a date that is not convenient for a recurring payment, then you can make a one-time donation of the subscription amount which will cover your first month.

Use the donations link at the top of the page, and tell us in your comments what it is for. You may go there now using this link:


Then tell us when you wish to start your monthly payment and we will notify you when it is due so that you can process the subscription using the following link:

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You will be released into your partner benefits the moment we receive your donation.