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A Message from Les D. Crause

Below you will find my story of how the Lord has led and trained me, and those who have been involved with me in this spiritual journey until now. 

I share it with you, not to boast, or exalt myself in any way, but to help you understand how this ministry was born and has grown. it covers every significant step in my ministry journey, and I would love for you to read it with an open heart.

You will see the absolute truth in my story. I have not left out my weaknesses and failures to try and make myself look good. I want you to see that God still uses imperfect vessels for His glory.

Perhaps the Lord has led you on your own journey, and you may be able to identify with me along the way. If so, then I thank the Lord for using my life to be a blessing. 

If you find my life story boring, then please feel free to skip this page. I will not be offended, because it really is not about me. I just ask that the Lord in His grace may take my life experiences as an inspiration and guideline for others whom God has called to walk this narrow road.

In His Love

Les D. Crause

Apostle Les D. Crause

How It All Began

Over forty five years ago, a small insignificant young man who had grown up as a Christian, had an encounter with the Lord that transformed his life. 

Les D. Crause was an insecure young man whose passions for a career had fallen apart, leaving him all alone in a world that considered him a failure and of little use. But then at the age of 20, he met the Holy Spirit in an encounter that lit a fire in him to preach the Word and bring change to the Body of Christ. 

Unable to attend a full time Bible College, Les began to study on his own, consuming every book he could lay his hands on. And though he had no opportunity to stand behind a pulpit to preach, he began to ‘preach’ to pen and paper. He churned out so many studies in writing, that eventually he had boxes full of written notes, and no way of getting this knowledge out to others.

It was all before the days of computers and electronic devices, and even printers. All was written by hand in blank notebooks and loose papers. And when he found a Bible that had wide margins, he began to make notes in the blank margins of his Bible. When that was full he would buy a new Bible and carry on the process. 

From the beginning Les had a passion for the Word, and a passion for getting new revelation from the Word. His greatest monthly bill was his bookshop account, because he was continually looking for new truths to learn. In fact he ended up knowing the bookshop better than the manager, and could advise people on which books were available and where. 

As he grew in maturity, Les eventually became a youth leader in the church, and finally had an opportunity to preach from the pulpit to a mixed group of young people and adults, including his Pastor. 

Most folks struggle the first time they stand up to preach, and make a mess, but Les had been living this in the Spirit for some time. He stood and preached so well, that his pastor came to him afterward and said that he was jealous and wished he could preach like that. 

Going Into Ministry

Nothing in Les’s life was destined to go smoothly or follow the regular paths to success. He tried to enter Bible College, but once again, destiny blocked his way, and though other members of his family travelled overseas to attend full time training, he was left at home to continue studying alone. 

He was forced to leave his denomination to gain an opportunity to be ordained and placed in the ministry. And then his first church was the most difficult church in the country, which many senior ministers had failed to run. Once again he had to learn the hard way – through failure and weakness. 

Forced to leave his church, Les was then given the opportunity to travel to various different churches in the denomination throughout the country. Each church he visited received his ministry with overwhelming interest and joy. But once again providence brought change and he was forced to leave the country and the ministry. 

Moving from Zimbabwe, where he grew up, to his homeland of South Africa, Les was forced to go back to secular employment while he looked for an opportunity to return to full time ministry. He attempted to get involved in local churches, but each time met with the same kind of problems.

With his powerful teaching ministry, he was well received by the members of every church he attended. But his teaching ministry was so popular, that he became a threat to the resident pastor, and had to leave to maintain peace. 

Leaving the System

One evening, while faithfully attending a pre meeting prayer time at a church he had committed to, Les had a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit, and God spoke to him in an almost audible voice. 

The Lord said to him, “You are finished here. I want to take you ‘out there’ into the world to fulfill your calling.” Les knew this meant going out and starting something new himself, and though the idea terrified him, He knew it was what the Lord wanted. 

Leaving both his denomination and his current job, Les spent the next 9 months waiting on the Lord and living totally by faith. It was a time of preparation for many things that were to take place in the future. 

During this time he learned directly from the Lord in the Spirit, and learned all about the Prophetic Ministry in the secrecy of his prayer closet. Then, after nine months he was released to move into the next stage of his life. 

Moving from his place of residence in Johannesburg, South Africa, Les and his wife sold up their possessions and trekked by caravan to the coastal city of Port Elizabeth. There he settled into a local church for fellowship and was led to get involved outside of the Church System for ministry. Many little groups of independent believers invited him to come and minister prophetically to them. 

So began the first stages of Les’s ministry outside of the Status Quo church system. In the process he completed his prophetic training and was released fully into the Prophetic Office. And now the Apostolic Call followed, with an indication that he was to become a General in the Body of Christ. 

Business and Ministry Together

On returning to Johannesburg, Les expected to see an opportunity opening up for a full time ministry. But instead his life took another turn. He found employment using one of his favorite pasttimes – computer programming. For a season all ministry orientation disappeared, and he began to develop secular skills in the business environment. 

But then new opportunities arose for ministry, and he was given the opportunity to be an assistant pastor in a church started by an old contact from the past. Here his ministry began to flourish and there was once again hope of moving back into the ministry again.

But the enemy had other plans, and while he was in the middle of getting involved in training students in a school in the church, his wife got involved with someone else and chose to leave him. After much struggle the Lord told him to let her go. He faced the pain of divorce and continued alone having custody of his three daughters. 

The Lord did not leave Les alone though, and it was not long before the Lord brought him the woman of his dreams. From the moment they met, Les and Daphne knew they were meant for each other, and they both had a passion to work for the Lord. For a season they pastored a small church together but it was difficult to maintain since it was on the other side of town, and they had to let it go. 

After several years in his job, Les had developed business relationships with many of the people he had worked with, and the Lord showed it was time to move out into his own business. So taking a step similar to one he had taken in the past, he resigned from his job and set out to work for himself on a freelancing basis. 

Les and Daphne continued to do personal ministry from their home, and eventually had a group of people coming regularly for ministry. But it was clear that the Lord had other plans for both of them. He had told them when they were first married that they would travel to places they had never heard of.

The Big Move

The country had entered into a time of economic crisis, along with much political upheaval, which was leading to a major change in government and the way the country was run. And for someone in their own business it was a difficult time for Les and Daphne. 

They were struggling to survive financially and cried out to the Lord for a way out. In the middle of this situation the Lord once again spoke loudly and clearly to Les one day as they walked out of a shopping mall. He looked up in the sky and saw an airplane flying over, and the Lord said, “You will fly soon and leave this place.”

This seemed an impossible task, especially in view of their current financial status, but Les knew that God would somehow make a way. And this indeed happened not long afterwards.

He received a phone call from a relative who was running an offshore business in the Caribbean, and he wanted Les to  come over and set up a computer system for his business. There was the promise of a huge monthly income, and the chance to come and live in a holiday paradise.

It was clearly the answer to the Word the Lord had given, so Les and Daphne packed up their business and began to make plans to emigrate. It was both a stressful and exciting time, but there was more to come.

When they were about to leave, the plans changed, and they found themselves in Mexico, just south of the US border, in a little city called Rosarito, which was near the huge Mexican city of Tijuana. The plan was to move from there into the USA, but this was easier said than done.

In the end, they were left alone in Mexico, though they were given a small monthly income to live, but they were unable to work in the country. Their only means of income had to come from outside the country. 

Back Into Ministry

Since the promise of a business career had now disappeared, Les felt it was time to throw himself back into the work of the ministry. But it was impossible to start a church amongst people who only spoke Spanish.

So he began to preach and teach to the family members he had with him. Originally it was only Les and Daphne with their son John, and Les’s younger daughter. But then the Lord opened the way for them to bring over Les’s older daughter with her husband and two daughters. 

By that time the younger daughter had found a husband, so there were now three couples and three children. The children were too young to appreciate the teaching, so Les preached to a group of 5 people, one of which manned the video camera they had bought. So the messages were preached into camera as though he was preaching to a full church. 

And what began as simple weekly meetings ended up becoming high level teaching and training for the work of the ministry. This was given initially to the family members, who were all being trained for the work of the ministry. But the materials turned into a full Prophetic Series, which in time became suitable to be used in a Prophetic School.

About that time the monthly income they were receiving suddenly stopped, and now they were forced to find a way to live. Not being able to earn an income in the country, they decided to put all their teachings onto tape and make them available for sale on the internet to provide an income to live. 

It was a difficult time, but using their own spiritual and natural abilities, the ministry team began to work together to produce what would become a full online training for Prophets. This was not a huge amount, but they survived on it, while Les then prepared to teach on the next level of ministry. He was now ready to be placed as an Apostle in the Body of Christ, and began to teach on the ministry of the Apostle. 

So, living in a foreign land, with limited resources, Les and Daphne, along with their team founded and launched an online ministry training which they called Global Ministry Resource Network (GMRN). It was so called because the main goal was to provide resources for ministers of the gospel and to train the Fivefold Ministry internationally. 

Many came to visit them from countries around the world, and a spiritual family was formed. Les and Daphne now became spiritual parents and the work began to grow. They were given opportunities to travel to Europe and a work was established in Switzerland, based on the church pattern that Les had taught.

There it was first proved that a church could be run differently, and leaders trained correctly for the future church. And as Les completed the training for Apostles, it was a matter of time before many were both trained and placed into Apostolic Office. 

Now Les became an Apostolic Father, where he was seen as a father to those called to the Apostolic Ministry. Each of the spiritual family rose up into ministry office, some as Prophets and others as Apostles, and the influence of the work was beginning to reach the nations. 

Back Into Business

Just when it seemed like all was established and the way ahead was clear, the Lord once again did to Les what He had done before. He showed him that it was time to change tracks again, and move back into business. 

Though he had founded and established a unique and powerful training for the Fivefold Ministry, the Lord showed Les that there was another mandate he had to embrace. And this was to train those whom God was now calling to a new kind of calling. He showed Les that He would be raising up Fivefold Entrepreneurs.

These would be people who were called mainly to business rather than ministry. And as always, Les was called to live the principles himself before he could teach them to others. This had been a hallmark of his calling from the beginning. This is what made his teaching so unique. It was always based on things he had lived and proved in practice, and not just theory.

So in obedience to the Lord, Les stepped out of the ministry for a season, and began a new journey of discovery. He began to hand over the ministry responsibilities to his daughter as he began to now teach on the Fivefold Business calling. 

There was a process, in which the original spiritual family members each moved off into their own ministry, leaving in the end only some of the original GMR Team and some new spiritual family members who had moved to Mexico.

It was time for a restructuring of the ministry, which had now become more than just a producer of ministry resources. It was now a fully Apostolic Training mechanism which was geared to train Apostles and Prophets for the new Church.

So Les decided to change the name of the ministry from Global Ministry Resource Network (known as GMRN). He decided to use a name that was more relevant to the new function of the ministry, and chose Apostolic Movement International (AMI). Since he was now an Apostolic Father, he felt it was time to establish a movement based on the correct pattern for the Apostolic Ministry. 

However, as he transitioned more to the business side, Les felt that it was time to let go completely of the ministry mandate for a season. And to make this even more distinct, he dropped the title of Apostle and decided to change his name to a pen name, which reflected the new mandate he was now following.

So, handing over the entire Apostolic Movement Organization, along with all of its training resources, to his daughter and son in law, whom he had trained and raised up for such a task, Les became Bill Yinaire, trainee Fivefold Entrepreneur. And he now began to teach a complete series on the Fivefold Business Calling.

This was a huge step that led to a loss of everything he had established, including a guaranteed monthly income from the training schools. Not using the title Apostle any more, nobody recognized him. And the use of the pen name Bill Yinaire only magnified the problem. Folks thought Les had lost his mind and anointing and was now only interested in making money. 

The Next Level

After three years of intensive training, Les qualified and was placed as an Apostolic Entrepreneur, and the Lord now instructed him to return and pick up where he had left off with his ministry mandate. 

It was time now to combine both the ministry and the business mandates and expand each, both downwards and upwards into a fuller ministry that would embrace far more than was ever expected. 

Les hoped that he could now once again take over leadership of the ministry side and add the new business dimension to the mandate for training the Fivefold Ministry. But much had changed since he handed over the work to others.

Those who were now running the Apostolic Movement had made many major changes to the pattern that Les had laid down, and were not ready to let go of the leadership to come under his authority again. 

It was a huge disappointment and hurt to Les. But he realized that the Lord was leading him in a new direction, and the way AMI was going was not following the new pattern that God had showed him. It was time to let go of the past and establish something totally new. There had to come a parting of the ways and the two ministries became like two ships, each headed on a different path. This is very similar to what happened to Paul and Barnabus when they parted ways, and each went in their own direction. 

Since that time there has been no fellowship or association between the two ministries. For a season AMI were still selling many of the books Les produced while still leading AMI, but he later asked them to stop this as it was bringing confusion and led folks to believe that the two ministries were together or the same thing. 

Each organization trains differently and functions differently, and anyone interested in receiving from both is advised to choose one or the other, so that there is no confusion or conflict. 

A New Organization is Born

Les now had to choose a name for the new ministry organization he was to found. It had to be something that embraced both the original ministry mandate and the new business mandate.

Returning to the concept of the original ministry, Global Ministry Resource Network, he chose the name Global Business Ministries International (GBMI). This would now be an organization with a much broader perspective, and would fully embrace the pattern that God was showing Les for His End Times Church.

Although he had produced many new materials for the business side which were not being distributed by AMI, Les now had to recover the important elements of the ministry mandate that he had handed over to them. 

It would have brought confusion to sell the same books, so Les took all the materials that he had authored which were still relevant, and edited them for publication in totally new courses and books.

Then he began to add what he had not completed in the original teachings. This meant moving down from the high level of just Ministry Offices, to teach more on the actual ministry functions of the Fivefold Ministry.

And whereas he had only done partial teachings on the three ministries of Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher, Les was now led to complete the ministry training by adding the remaining higher level teachings needed for these fivefold functions.

In the end, GBMI produced a whole new set of training materials and published books that embraced all the essentials of the original Fivefold Ministry Training, plus much more, and then also the additional Business Training.

It was time to raise up a new breed of leaders in the Body of Christ. And it was time to also show publicly the pattern that the new church should follow.

The original church in Switzerland was a practice run for this pattern, but now there was much more to be added, and it was time that this new pattern be established and displayed to the world.

Moving From The Hub

The obvious place for this all to be done was what Les considered the “Hub” of the world – the United States of America. So his first goal was to extend this new ministry into the USA and raise up a new breed of Apostles and Prophets who would embrace both the Ministry Mandate and the Business Mandate.

But the Lord had other plans. And as a result of the loss in financial income suffered by handing over AMI to others, Les and his family found themselves unable to produce the kind of proof of support needed by the US Government to justify the renewal of their US Visas. They were now stuck in Mexico, and totally restricted in what they could accomplish in live ministry.

And it was just a matter of time before the Mexican authorities took the same stand, and refused to renew their Mexican visas. They were now forced to leave Mexico, where they had lived and functioned for 17 years. It was a time of great death.

Les and Daphne had never ever felt they would return to South Africa, since the Lord had led them to leave their homeland. But now as they examined their options there was only one option possible to them. They had to return to their homeland.

The cost involved was huge. Not only would they have to raise enough to pay for their return flights, but they would also have to leave behind all the valuable equipment and resources that they had accumulated over 17 years. 

To start over again at a point in your life when you should be thinking of settling down and retiring is not an easy task. But once Les submitted to the will of the Lord and was ready to do just that, a miracle took place.

Out of the blue, a relative of Daphne made contact and offered to assist them in their migration back to South Africa. It was not only a miracle but a clear sign from the Lord. So there was no more hesitation. It was time to move.

Packing up their essentials into two suitcases each, the GBM Team gave away everything that they had to local churches in the area, and got ready to embark on a new journey. 

They arrived in South Africa and moved into a new home, with their only possessions being what they brought in their suitcases, and a few essentials that were donated by folks in South Africa. 

Starting Over Again

Les and Daphne were excited to finally be in a place they knew. They could communicate with the people and make new friends. They could set up a home church and start ministering live to folks who came. And they made their home open to anyone who wished to come for ministry. 

It was an exciting new venture, but also a time of testing. The country was very different to the land they had left 17 years earlier. And most of the old haunts and places where they had lived had changed so much that they could barely be recognized. 

Having lived originally in Johannesburg, and now being located in Pretoria brought its own difficulties. The people seemed very different to what they were used to, and although English was now the main language spoken in the new South Africa, they found Pretoria to still be largely Afrikaans in orientation.

Pretoria seemed to have an archetype of its own, which was even more foreign to them than the Mexican archetype they had lived in for so long. So although many attempts were made to establish a new work, starting with a home church, the results were disappointing.

Feeling that the next step would be to hire a hall and do live public ministry, Les and Daphne put out their faith for the finances to obtain the equipment needed for live ministry.

In Mexico they had a full compliment of musical instruments and could do live worship. And if they were to hold public meetings that was an essential. So they appealed to the partners and members of GBM and the response was overwhelming. Finances came in and they were able to obtain new musical instruments, a good sound system and an overhead projector for songs. 

The next step was simply to find a hall for meetings, and the way would be clear for the ministry to finally go live. They looked with anticipation for a place in the area they lived, hoping to find a suitable place at a reasonable rental so they could get going. 

But alas, it seemed that anything that was available was already taken. And when they looked for an alternative, like offices where they could set up a training school and meetings, a new problem arose.

Because of bad experiences with churches, it seemed that those renting out such premises were not ready to take a chance on a fledgeling ministry. They wanted not only the monthly rental in advance, but also an additional three rental amounts as security deposit.

This was totally out of reach, since the income of the ministry was largely taken up with house rental and living expenses. The vision to build a live ministry in a public place died a painful death. 

They hoped that the home meeting would grow, and continued to hold Sunday services in the hope that the numbers would increase and build. But because they lived in a secure community where visitors had to be screened and go through security checks and provide documentation, this seemed to be a deterrent and the numbers just did not grow.

Time For a Change

While praying about this Les was reminded of an incident that happened early in his ministry, where things did not seem to be moving. At that time he argued with the Lord and said, “Lord I did what you told me to do, so why are things not moving yet?” The Lord replied, “Yes you did what I told you, but you did not ask Me WHERE.” (It was at that time that they moved down to the coastal city of Port Elizabeth). 

He had began to wonder if the Lord had really led them back to South Africa, but the Lord had confirmed that in a clear word. So why then were things not moving yet?

The Lord had blessed and provided everything they needed. Those things that were left behind in Mexico had all been replaced. Just the final step remained, and it did not seem to be happening.

Then as Les and the team visited the Johannesburg area to celebrate a birthday, the Lord spoke once again clearly into Les’s spirit. As they travelled into Johannesburg, the Lord said, “It is time for you to return to this place and continue where you left off.”

This was something that Les and the team had often wondered about. Could it be that they were in the wrong place? And now the Lord had confirmed it. And shortly afterwards as he looked out over Centurion the Lord said again to Les, “Your time here is soon coming to an end. It is time for you to move.”

They now knew that it was time to move, but where? It seemed logical to move to the northern part of Johannesburg, but that was unfamiliar territory. They had before lived in both the East and South Rand areas and were familiar with this area. 

As they continued to pray about it, the Lord gave several words of direction, and it seemed that He was telling them to return to the region they knew, which was the Eastern part of Johannesburg. But which part?

Once again as they waited on the Lord for confirmation, the Lord began to drop pieces into place, and both interactions from folks in ministry and returning memories of the past all began to come together until the picture started to become clearer.

Taking a full tour of the area by car, it was clear which areas would not be suitable for them to move to. Much had changed in the country and there were areas that would be dangerous and unsuitable for starting a new work. 

So after putting all of these things together, and praying about it, they finally came to a conclusion concerning where they should start on their new journey. And thinking about it logically it was the most obvious choice.

Since GBMI will be embracing international ministries and in time would invite folks to come for training from around the world, it needed to be a place that was central enough for visitors. So the obvious area would be that near the main internatonal airport of South Africa, the Oliver Tambo airport (originally known as Jan Smuts).

The airport is located in the municipal area of Kempton Park, where Les had lived and worked many years ago. And an examination of the area showed that this is a very likely place to set up a new ministry. The Lord has now confirmed this, and provided for us a huge 5 bedroom house where we can set up a ministry center. 

The Next Miracle

This ministry is now located in Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa, where we have set up a full Ministry Center and Training School. 

To find out more about our training, check our GBM Schools website at https://gbm-schools.com. We offer ministry. training for all believers at any level. This is currently all online due to the limitations imposed by the Covid19 pandemic.

If you are living in our area and would like to visit us, you may get full directions and details of our location at the following web address:


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Calling the Prophets

If you are a prophet we would value it if you would get on the Prayer Wall on our behalf and help birth this new vision in the Spirit. God reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets, and it is their task to birth His will into the earth through the ministry of intercession. 

So if you are a prophet and you would like to become part of this vision, we invite you to ask the Lord about us, and see what He shows you. If you would help birth this new venture in prayer, we believe that God will soon provide all that we need to get going. 

Calling the Workers

If God has called you to the Fivefold Ministry or to Fivefold Business, then we invite you to partner with us in changing the face of the Body of Christ. We have much to offer in the way of training and resources that can help you find your place and fulfill your destiny. We can offer you our umbrella of blessing and help you to find your place.

As a contributing partner of GBMI you will have full access to all of our training and resources. And as we establish ministry centers around the world, you might find yourself becoming the leader of such a ministry center.

Calling the Investors

If you believe in investing financially in the Kingdom of God, then we invite you to consider investing into this vision. You will become a partaker of the rewards as we establish this new work and set up ministry centers in this land, from which we can reach out to the nations. 

As partners who contribute to the work, you will be considered an integral part of us, and will be able to receive personal ministry and direction from the ministry team and staff of GBM.

Together we will turn the world upside down and establish the Kingdom of God on this earth. 

Why not pray about becoming an important part of this task. Why not become a Partner of GBM?

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The GBM Vision

We have told you only briefly here the vision that we have for the Body of Christ and this ministry. If you plan to become part of us or support us, then you should know a bit more about our plans for the future. 

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