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Partner With Global Business Ministries South Africa

We would like to invite you to consider becoming a part of this network that will touch the Body of Christ worldwide

If you can say Yes to one or more of the following questions, then perhaps this network is for you.

  1. You have a calling to higher leadership in the Church and want to find your place
  2. You have a desire to do business as part of your calling
  3. You are looking for a spiritual/ministry family where you can belong
  4. You want to see change taking place in the Body of Christ Internationally
  5. You would like to be trained in cutting edge teaching unavailable elsewhere
  6. You are unable to make an impact alone but would like to receive help from a network
  7. You would like to sow seed in good soil for the Kingdom of God

Click here to start your membership/partnership and contribute online

Kinds of Partnership

No matter what your calling or desire to serve the Lord, we can find a place for you. 

Here are some possible areas of involvement you might want to fit into

1. You consider yourself simply a member of GBMI and offer any support that you can when you are able to help

2. You want to study with us and become an active part of the work of the ministry

3. You want to want to become a GBM Minister and run a ministry under our banner

4. You want to become an integral part of the running of GBM International and can see yourself rising up as part of our ministry team and leadership

5. You already have your own ministry and would like to network with us as an Associate Ministry. 

6. You would like to run a GBM Ministry Center and work under the Apostolic Parentage of Apostles Les and Daphne Crause

Support and Promotion

As a partner of GBMI you will be expected to help promote and maintain the functioning of GBM internationally. This requires the following:

1. Financial support of the work through regular donations to the work of the ministry

2. Promotion of GBM by advertising through word of mouth and any other means available to you

3. Recognition and submission to the authority of the leaders of GBM in all your involvements with us

Why not pray about this and find out where the Lord wants YOU to slot in? Then go and complete a partnership application and climb in where you belong.

Partner With Us in The Work

We offer our ministry freely, but it costs us to keep this going. We need YOU to help us extend the Kingdom of God into the earth by partnering with us in the work.

All we ask of you is that you commit to making a small monthly payment to support this ministry, and we will then have the resources to offer you EVERYTHING that is available on this website. The value of this cannot be estimated, because it is not just a matter of the cost of our books and resources. 

You may cancel this at any time if you no longer wish to remain a member/partner. 

Click here to start your membership/partnership and contribute online

If you would prefer to make a contribution each month of what you can afford, why not write us using the feedback page and tell us how you would like to partner with us. We will then consider releasing all the materials to you without a fixed monthly commitment.

Direct Bank Deposit

Instead of making payment online, you could deposit or wire amounts directly into our First National Bank account in South Africa if you live in South Africa.

To find our bank details, simply click on the link at the top of the page that says Make a Contribution. If you choose your payment method as bank deposit, you will be given the necessary bank details for deposit.

Click here to start your membership/partnership and contribute online

Buy Them Instead

If you wish to rather buy these materials, you may do so at our bookshop at This would allow you to download the ebooks and read them on your computer at your leisure.