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Monthly Partnership Enrollment

Partnership Options

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Partnership Level 1

All we require of you is that you give us your name and email address and tell us a bit about yourself, so that we know how best to help you and what to give you. You will have free access to many of our resources, but not full access to all the materials

Partnership Level 2

You contribute at least R300.00 per month, which gives you full access to all of our online course materials. This includes the download of 1 ebook per month, and you can read, watch and listen to ALL teachings online.

Partnership Level 3

You contribute at least R600.00  per month. This will entitle you to access all materials online and also download 2 ebooks per month

Partnership Level 4

You contribute at least R900.00  per month. This entitles you to download 3 ebooks per month and also gives you personal access for counsel and ministry from the GBM Ministry Team.

Partnership Level 5

You contribute at least R1400.00  per month. If you are a single person, this entitles you to enroll in any of our online school courses without any additional charge.

Partnership Level 6

You contribute at least R1800.00  per month. If you are married, this entitles both you and your spouse to enroll in any of our study courses online or live, without any additional charge.

Partnership Level 7

You contribute R3000.00 or more per month. This entitles you to unlimited downloads of all our materials, free enrollment in all our study courses, online or live, and direct access to Apostles Les and Daphne Crause as well as members of the GBM Executive for personal counsel and mentorship. You may also be considered for membership of GBM as a minister or associate ministry.

For Enrollment in Training Schools

If you wish to study in any of our schools, you should also complete a Student Application for the relevant school course desired. Details at

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